1.   To help children grow in Christ-like character and Christian maturity

2.   To help children gain confidence and understanding of their responsibilities

3.   To help children be accountable within a Christian community

4.   To help children realize their potential in performing arts

5.   To help children recognize value in others

6.   To help children have confidence in God’s grace and their gifts

7.   To provide opportunities for fellowship among families primarily through service

8.   To bring the Living Gospel to children and their families in a safe

      Christian environment at St. John’s Lutheran Church


Each family is a unique PART of this ministry

and KMT provides a role for every MEMBER. DURING OUR FALL AND SPRING SHOWS, Cast members need to be available for 6-10 hours of rehearsals for 12-16 weeks and one week of daily dress rehearsals. Families are required

to contribute at least 10 hours of time

to assist in the production

(sets, costumes, etc.)

Parent Volunteers

Parents are key to making KMT a successful ministry. 
Parent volunteers are involved at every level of KMT, including lay leadership, art design and every facet of production, excepting casting.  
Parents are required to volunteer 10 hours over the course of the show
and must be screened through St. John's prior to volunteering. 
Should a parent(s) be unable to volunteer in the above capacity,
a $200 non-participation/buy-out fee (per family) is required. 
The non-participation fee option is not available if this is your first show with KMT.


K.I.D.S. Musical Theater is a tool through which God's work comes alive.  We are a unique ministry that truly provides opportunities for recognition and development of God given abilities in a safe environment through acting, voice, dance, movement, staging, costuming and all other elements of theater production. 

If you are interested in becoming part of the KMT family or would like to learn more, please visit our audition page OR CONTACT US!

What is the financial commitment?

A non-refundable $50 audition fee is required.
Production fees for each cast member are $250
(Fees are non-refundable upon posting of the cast list.)
and $100 in ticket sales per cast member is required.
This helps pay for our director, choreographer, musical director, T-shirts, licensing rights, sets, costume pieces, etc. 

Incidental items such as makeup, shoes, leotards and tights may also be required. 

Financial Assistance based on need and sibling discounts are available.

Who is it for?

KMT is for ALL families throughout the Greater Orange Area with children ages 8-18 from the local community who can commit to rehearsals and shows.